The EUROSTYLE range is available in many materials and finishes to match your needs.


Nothing can match wood when it comes to renovating your kitchen or bathroom. Wood offers a goldmine of ideas and possibilities for creating a rustic decor or a more traditional style. It can even give a contemporary touch to your interior spaces.

Wood is the warmest of materials and offers a resistance that defies time. The choice of stains available brings out the natural beauty of the material. In particular, cherry wood and oak bring an indisputable charm to wooden cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms. When used for storage cabinets, these woods visually complement the decor of any room.


You will be amazed at how easily your kitchen or bathroom cabinets fit and the beautiful results you will get from designing your own space.

A versatile material renowned for its elegance, thermoplastic creates the illusion of wood thanks to its blended look but doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance. Your made-to-measure cabinets will certainly be the envy of your friends.


With a resistant and easy-to-clean surface, Melamine is available on a wide array of kitchen and bathroom cabinets whose astonishing beauty will draw everyone’s eye. This high-quality material is matched by a price that defies the competition and offers maintenance that makes your life easier.


Remarkably light and malleable for furniture, aluminium complements the aesthetic of your decor and is certain to impress your guests the minute they walk through the door. Add the touch of style you’ve been looking for and bring a much-desired modern effect to your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors. Aluminium’s qualities are the ace up your sleeve.

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